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The 5th Wheel Truck Rack

5th Wheel Truck Rack

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Model Series:  2010-4
( 4 models available
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The 5th Wheel Truck Rack
The Fifth Wheel Heavy Duty Truck Rack ships free in the lower 48 United States!

Attention Fifth Wheelers . . . Here are the world’s only overhead racks that mount to the truck bed, extend over the cab and work with your fifth wheel trailer
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-  Instructions for Fifth Wheel Truck Rack (Model ADC)
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-  Instructions for Fifth Wheel Truck Rack (Models ADCD)
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-  Instructions for Fifth Wheel Truck Rack (Model-AD)
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Mount Without Drilling image
Ffith Wheel Heavy Duty Truck Rack with Dual Crossbars and Deck
Actual photo of the exceptionally sturdy and versatile Fifth Wheel Truck Rack with Dual Crossbars and Deck, Model 2010-4ADCD. Only the background is blanked out for clarity. This image demonstrates that this overhead Kayak Truck Rack is sturdy and mounts with a 5th Wheel Trailer.
Man standing on the Heavy Duty Fifth Wheel Truck Rack
Optional Deck Panels support a variety of cargo... Model 2010-4ADCD
Heavy Duty Fifth Wheel Truck Rack loaded with cargo
Model 2010-4ADCD Truck Rack has optional Removable Dual front and back crossbars that serve to contain cargo riding on the deck or support Sports Accessories
The Dual Crossbars can be mounted two ways:
Put the ROUND Yakima-sized Bar on top to accommodate Yakima-friendly sports accessories;
Dual Crossbars showing round bar on top
flip it to put the RECTANGULAR Thule-sized Bar on top to fit Thule-friendly sports accessories.
Dual Crossbars with rectangular bar on top
The Fifth Wheel Heavy Duty Truck Rack without the dual crossbars
Model 2010-4AD 5th Wheel Truck Rack comes without the dual Crossbars or Deck
Fifth Wheel Heavy Duty Truck Rack model 2010-4AD
Model 2010-4AD Truck Rack accepts Malone and other universal sports accessories.
The Fifth Wheel Heavy Duty Truck Rack is sturdy  with a clean appearance
Model 2010-4AD 5th Wheel Truck Rack is exceptionally sturdy but has a clean appearance
The Fifth Wheel Heavu Duty Truck Rack installs easily without drilling
Model 2010-4AD 5th Wheel Truck Rack installs easily without drilling
Fifth Wheel diagram with measurements . . . side view
Fifth Wheel Truck Rack measurements diagram
Attention: If you are carrying exceptionally long cargo (over 12 feet in length), we can build a special length rack up to 6 feet long.
*The bottom of the vertical stanchion of the rack is about 8 inch wide and the top is about 4 inches wide as shown the diagrams, above. Since, there are thousand of combinations of hitch set-up and trailer design that determine the stand-off distance between the truck cab and the trailer while turning, in some cases the hitch may have to be moved back to provide additional space to accommodate the rack for safe turning. If you have questions about spacing between the trailer and the rack, please call U.S. Rack for help at 1-888-877-2257.
The Fifth Wheel Heavy Duty Truck Rack with cab cushions
Extra long 5th Wheel Pickup Truck Rack with Cab Cushions
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Sports Equipment can be mounted directly to structural crossbars, but space is limited.
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With Dual Crossbars, Sports Equipment is more easily mounted.
Mount without drilling
Cab cushions are used by the pair to provide additional support to prevent bouncing on rough roads or large pot holes. The cushions are optional for the standard 5' long rack and are included with the 6' long rack.

Attention GM owners: If you have a 2007 or later short bed Chevy or GMC, the design of your model truck requires installation of the optional Cab Cushions.
U.S. Rack™ products are warranted for a period of one year against all structural defects in materials and workmanship provided that they are assembled, installed, and used in accordance with all manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. U.S. Rack cannot warrant the powder-coating which is subject to scratching. See merchandise return policy
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Mount without drilling
Ground shipping within the lower 48 United States is included in the below prices
ATTN: This rack is made to order and is built when the order is received. This is a very busy time of the year. Please allow at least three to four weeks for fabrication before it is shipped. If you have an upcoming deadline by which you need the rack, please call us at 1.888.877.2257 so that we can ensure that we can deliver your rack by the required time.
Fifth Wheel Heavy Duty Racks
- Model Number
- Description
- Price
- Purchase
Model Number: 2010-4AD
Fifth Wheel Rack with NO Dual Crossbars and with NO Deck, model number 2010-4AD
899.00 each
select quantity:

Model Number: 2010-4ADC
Fifth Wheel Rack with Dual Crossbars and NO Deck, model number 2010-4ADC
1049.00 each
select quantity:

Model Number: 2010-4ADCD
Fifth Wheel Rack, heavy duty, with Dual Crossbars and with DECK, model number 2010-4ADCD
1499.00 each
select quantity:

Model Number: 2010-4ADE
Optional Extension of Rack to 6 feet in length plus Cab Cushions, model 2010-4ADE
199.00 each
select quantity:


Fifth Wheel Heavy Duty Truck Rack Accessories FOR Models (ADC and ADCD)
- Model Number
- Description
- Price
- Purchase
Model Number: 2006-MSWD
One set of Standard Malone SeaWing Carriers for one Kayak WITH Rack Purchase, model 2006-MSWD
119.95 each
select quantity:

Model Number: 2006-MSW
One set of Standard Malone SeaWing carriers for one Kayak without rack purchase, model 2006-MSW
139.95 each
select quantity:

Model Number: 2011-MJP2D
One set of Standard J-Pro 2 carriers for one Kayak WITH Rack Purchase, model 2011-MJP2D
109.95 each
select quantity:

Model Number: 2011-MJP2
One set of J-Pro 2 carriers for one Kayak without rack purchase
124.95 each
select quantity:

Model Number: 2012-MPG112D
One set of Standard Malone Big Foot Pro carriers for one canoe WITH Rack Purchase, model 2012-MPG112D
99.95 each
select quantity:

Model Number: 2012-MPG112
One set of Malone Standard Big Foot Pro carriers for one Canoe Without Rack Purchase, model 2012-MPG112
114.95 each
select quantity:

Model Number: 2010-4CC
Optional Cab Cusions for shortbed GM trucks 2007 and later - 1 pair, model 2010-4CC
select quantity:

Model Number: 2010-ACB
Adjustable crossbar for the 5th Wheel Truck Rack, model number 2010-ACB
select quantity:


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Ordering the Fifth-Wheel Rack is secure and easy with U.S. Rack.com. Our ordering process is protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts your information.
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For our friends who will be transporting kayaks and canoes, U.S. Rack, in cooperation with Paddling.net, provides the below nationwide map of launch sites
Paddling.net Map
Map courtesy of Paddling.net


Custom Hitch Frames made by Veterans

Custom Hitch Signs - www.builtinamericabyusveterans.com


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    Honda Ridgeline Rack by Van Tech
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    Job SIte Heavy Duty Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2015-1, From $1795.00 
    Kayak Carriers
        Various Models

    Kayak Trailer
        Model MPG400
    Paddler's Rack
        Model Series: 2010-1, From $529.00 delivered    
    Rail Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2007-2, From $599.00 delivered
    Rail Truck Rack 2
        Model Series: 2007-2, From $879.00 delivered
    Rambox Truck Rack
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    Ratchet Straps
        Model 2006-RST
    Ridgeline Rack One
        Model Series: 2010-6, From $569.00 delivered
    Ridgeline Rack Two
        Model Series: 2010-7, From $589.00 delivered
    Ridgeline Rack Three
        Model Series: 2010-8, From $1049.00 delivered
    Ridgeline Rack Four
        Model 2012-2

    Ridgeline Rack Five
        Model 2017-1
    Ridgeline Rack Six
       Model 2018-2
    Saddle up Pro
        Model 2016-MSU

    Schooner Stake Pocket Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2011-2, From $649.00 delivered
    Sidewinder Truck Rack
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    Stake Pocket Truck Rack 
        Model Series: 2005-3, From $599.00  delivered
    Super Clamps
        Model 2006-2
    Truck Cap Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2010-2, From $589.00 delivered
    Turbo Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2008-T, From $49.00 delivered
    VersaHaul Motorcycle Carrier 
        Model Series: 2011-V, From $602.99 delivered
    Wildcatter Heavy Duty Truck Rack  
        Model Series: 2013-4, From $2095.00 
    Windstreamer Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2010-3, From $599.00 delivered
    Work Horse Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2015-3, From $1795.00 


     Bedliner Kit
        Model 2003-BK  
     Bow and Stern Tie-down Kit
        Model 2011-MPG
     Ratchet Straps
        Model 2006-RST
     Roof-Top Canoe Carrier Kit
        Model MPG-156
     Roof-Top Deluxe Kayak Carrier Kit
        Model MPG-152
     Saddle Up PRO
        Model 2016-MSU
     Super Clamps
        Model 2006-2
     The BIG FOOT PRO Canoe Carrier
        Model 2012-MPG
        Model 2006-CH
     The J-PRO 2 Kayak Carrier
        Model 2011-MJP
     The Seawing Kayak Carrier
        Model 2006-MSW
 Utility Bag
        Model 2006-UB
     Wall Hangers
        Model 2006-WH

Product Quick Links listed by Model Number
Model EX2
  Extend-A-Truck' Rack Hitch mounted Rack 
   Model MPG-15
        Malone Roof-Top Foam Canoe Kit

   Model MPG-152
        Malone Roof-Top Foam Kayak Kit
   Model MPG400
        Kayak Trailer
   Model 2002-1
Canopy Truck Rack
   Model 2003-1
        Grip Motorcycle Carrier
   Model 2003-3
        Hawaiian Sawhorse Truck Rack

   Model 2005-3
Stake Pocket Truck Rack
   Model 2006-CH
        Canoe Elevator
   Model 2006-MSW
        Malone Sea Wing Kayak Carrier
   Model 2006-RST
        Ratchet Straps (15 foot)
   Model 2006-UBR
        Red Storage/Utility Bag
   Model 2006-UBB
        Blue Storage/Utility Bag
   Model 2006-2
        Super Clamps
   Model 2007-2
        Rail Truck Rack
   Model 2007-2(X)
        Rail Truck Rack 2
   Model 2007-4
        Sidewinder Ratchet Ladder Rack
   Model 2008-TR
        Turbo Truck Rack
   Model 2009-BR
         BACKRACK™ and Safety Rack
   Model 2009-3
         Dual Truck Rack
   Model 2010-A
         Adarac Truck Rack
   Model 2010-1
         Paddler's Rack
   Model 2010-2
         Truck Cap Truck Rack
   Model 2010-3
         Windstreamer Truck Rack
   Model 2010-4
         Fifth Wheel Heavy Duty Truck Rack
   Model 2010-6
         Honda Ridgeline Truck Rack One, sport
   Model 2010-7
         Honda Ridgeline Truck Rack Two, Alum.
   Model 2010-8
         Honda Ridgeline Truck Rack Three, O/Cab
   Model 2011-MBL
         Malone Bow Line (separate)
   Model 2011-PJP2
         Malone J-Pro 2 Kayak Carrier
   Model 2011-VH
         VersaHaul Motorcycle Carrier
   Model 2011-2
         Schooner Stake Pocket Truck Rack
   Model 2011-3
         Galleon Over-Cab Truck Rack
   Model 2011-4
         V-Rack Bumper Mounted Truck Rack
   Model 2012-MPG
         Malone Big Foot Pro Canoe Carrier
   Model 2012-P
         Chevy Avalanche Truck Rack
   Model 2012-Y
         Bike Racks by Yakima
   Model 2012-1
         Atlas HEAVY DUTY Truck Rack
   Model 2012-2
         Honda Ridgeline Truck Rack 4, Tailgate
   Model 2013-2
         Clipper Aluminum and Stainless Rack
   Model 2013-3
         CrossTopper Alum. Truck Topper Rack
   Model 2013-4
         Wildcatter COMMERCIAL GRADE Rack
   Model 2014-P3300
         Honda Ridgeline Truck Rack by Van Tech
   Model 2014-P3510
         Dodge Ram Box Truck Rack
   Model 2015-1
         Job-SIte Forklift Accessible Truck Rack
   Model 2015-3
         Heavy Duty Work Horse Truck Rack
   Model 2017-1
        Ridgeline Rack Five
   Model 2018-2
        Ridgeline Rack 6 

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Features Common To Most Of Our Truck Racks

  • Truck racks are easy to install or remove: In less than 10 minutes, one  person can install any rack. (Overhead Ladder rack may take 2 people).

  • No cutting or drilling is needed to install our truck racks: Reliable clamping systems secure each truck rack without drilling ugly holes in your truck bed rails. (The Overhead Ladder Rack may also be permanently mounted if drilling is preferred. Limited drilling required for Ladder and Canopy Racks.

  • Perfect, padded fit: Adjustable span design fits most trucks....rubbery pads protect truck bed rails. (Overhead Ladder rack is built to customer specifications).

  • Tough powder coat finish: Available in satin black.

  • Compact storage: All truck racks disassemble easily and stores compactly anywhere. (The Overhead Ladder Rack disassembles into 3 pieces, the upper basket and 2 sets of legs).

  • Warranty: U.S. Rack products are warranted for a full year. See warranty information.

  • Easily order by phone:
      U.S. and Canada: - 1.888.877.2257 ( 1.888.usracks )

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