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U.S. Rack Testimonials


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US Rack Testimonials
Most Truck Racks from U.S. Rack, Inc. ship free in the lower 48 United States!


We've compiled testimonials we receive on this page for you to view. If you have a testimonial you wish to share, please do contact us by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

FROM: Steve Bullivant
RACK TYPE: Schooner
VEHICLE: 2016 Chevy Colorado
I wanted to put a rack in the stake holes of my 2016 Chevy Colorado and still be able to use my tonneau cover. Chevy has a rack but it clamps over the rails. Searched and found the Schooner rack here, and was pleasantly surprised to find it costs about $400 less than the Chevy rack (even with the additional $99 for the special shaped rear stake hole clamps). Plus it was free shipping and no sales tax! There was a delay in shipping but that was rectified by it being shipped 2 day air and I found out afterwards (by talking with Chris, the owner) that their shipping department was short staffed due to health and family issues. The rack went together smoothly and when all the bolts were tightened it was very sturdy. The rear stake hole inserts need to be bolted in from the inside of the truck bed but that is due to Chevy making a non-rectangular shaped stake hole on their newer models. The rear rack foot plates don't quite cover the stake holes but that doesn't affect the integrity or strength of the rack. I drove over two thousand miles with two kayaks strapped to the rack and everything went well. Thanks to Chris and US Rack, Inc. for great customer service and a great product!

RACK TYPE: 5th Wheel Heavy Duty Truck Rack
Hey Chris,

Been busy, just got around to putting Rack on truck.

I am extremely happy with the quality, strength, attention to detail and how easy it was to install the rack.
Have you got a spot on your web page for writing customer reviews?

I used cushions, glad you sent them, they just barley touch cab, I’m looking for something cloth to slip over inner tube to eliminate the rubber rubbing sound and to see if I can make the appearance a little better.

I put straps on to road test (really tight turns/wind etc.) all is good, now I am mounting boat with turnbuckle hold downs in back, and threaded J-bolt (through Oar pockets) in middle of boat, it’s very secure, quick disconnect, with no straps. Boat is lite, easy (on & off) from tail gate.

When I get it (all done and painted) I will send you a couple Pics.

I’m sure the rack is going to get a lot of attention, guys are always looking at how other guys haul things.

I added a couple 1 1/2”cross bars (with pipe pockets) like you had in the back.

Can I buy a couple cans of touch up paint from you, if you could UPS them today…that be great, I can get you a credit card # another day, I’ll be out on a Bull Dozer all day.

Kindest Regards,

FROM: D A Peterson

Your team gave a very speedy reply to my original inquiry. I hadn't considered going on line ad looking at the assembly manual you have on line before I sent the question. That got me the answer I needed. I have no doubt that your team would have sent the information had I followed up with the question in their original reply. I give them a A+

Very pleased with the rack and how well it works for hauling the kayaks.

Best wishes for continued success.

(D A Peterson)

FROM: Michael R. Grow
RACK TYPE: Job Site Heavy Duty Truck Rack
The Best Racks There Are

I’ve been in the construction industry for over thirty years, and during that time I have had numerous trucks with numerous racks, but never one as nice and as well built as the one I purchased from U.S. Rack. It was obvious to me from the moment I visited their website, that they had put a lot of thought into the design of each and every rack they offered. In-fact the hardest part of the entire process was choosing which rack to get, because they all were so great. In the end I went with the Job Site Rack because it best served my needs. From start to finish my experience with U.S. Rack was seamless. It was clear from the beginning that they were there to serve, and that making sure their customer was happy was of the utmost importance to them. The Owner (Chris Green) is very hands-on, and no matter how technical your questions are, he will have the answers. Chris and his staff also did an excellent job at trouble shooting every aspect of the entire project before we even began, making sure that the end product would be exactly what I was looking for. The rack was built exactly to my specifications, and installed on my truck in a timely fashion.
I couldn’t be happier. Side note; it was a very satisfying feeling to do business with a company that so obviously and sincerely cared so much about the customer, and that it had clearly, over the years, never stopped listening to the needs of their clients. U.S. Rack is a true American success story, and even with all its success, they never stop caring, or paying attention to what really matters, the customer. Final note; I would have paid twice as much for the rack I purchased because of how well designed and built it was. I commend U.S. Rack for continuing to offer such incredible products at such reasonable prices. They have a customer for life.

Sincerely and with much gratitude,

- Michael R. Grow

FROM: Mark Norie Construction
RACK TYPE: Job-Site Rack for Long bed truck (over 80 inch long) with 6 foot long over cab extension. All steel with black powder coating MODEL# 1220 (2015-1L(72)
VEHICLE: Ford F-450
Hi Sandy,
I want to thank you for all your help on my lumber rack, I truly am pleased with my job site rack and the service that you and US Rack provided! You guys treated my rack build like it was very special and to me and it is. I appreciate your willingness to do the customization I asked for!
I have to say when buying through an online search like this, one can be weary as all we have to base or purchase on is the pictures from your gallery. This rack exceeded my expectations, it is as stout as my truck I put it on, Thanks again.

Regards, Mark Norie Mark Norie Construction
916 Highland Drive
Vista Ca 92083

FROM: Matt Russell
RACK TYPE: Contractor Rack
Contractor Rack for Topper

Our Contractor Rack was worth the trip.

Chowcilla, CA - Matt Russell drove from Santa Barbara on the coast to the Great Central Valley to pick up his new Contractor Rack. When pins are released from the base, this rack can be lifted off the truck without moving the camper shell.

FROM: Gary and Pam Powell
RACK TYPE: Utility Rack
Let's go Fishing!

Our multipurpose Utility Rack makes a great Canoe Rack.

East Moriches, NY - Gary and Pam Powell sent us this photo of their canoe on our Utility Rack. The Utility Rack carries everything from canoes, kayaks, and boats to lumber and pipe.

FROM: Emery Koval
RACK TYPE: Contractor Rack
California or Bust!

U.S. Rack GM Chris Green (left) greets Emery Koval (right) after his 2,100 mile odyssey.

Chowchilla, CA - Emery Koval drove from St. Paul, Minnesota with a friend in May 2002. Braving severe weather and long hours they traveled 2,100 miles in 32 hours to take delivery of his new Contractor Rack. After having his rack installed and stopping only for a short lunch, they were off again to the east, arriving safely back in St. Paul a few days later. Emery received his rack with a primer coat only so he could apply a paint to complement his truck. Emery says he loves his new rack and uses it in his repair and remodeling business.

FROM: Captain 'Hawk' Hawkins
RACK TYPE: Canopy Rack
VEHICLE: 2002 GMC 4x4 HD2500 Sierra Crewcab
Captain "Hawk's" New Rack

The Canopy Rack fits nicely on this GMC.

I recently purchased a canopy rack for my 2002 GMC 4x4 HD2500 Sierra Crewcab pickup. I researched for 6 months to find the rack which I felt met all the criteria I was looking for. I looked at many other racks, some as expensive as $600.00 and 3 times heavier.Your rack made the cut. I found the US rack to meet all my requirements. I intend to use it to carry teak lumber,spinnaker poles, booms and other sailboat items which are too long for the truck bed. Thanks to all the craftsmen at US Rack for a great product!

Sincerely; Captain 'Hawk' Hawkins

FROM: Stephen Crane
RACK TYPE: Super Clamps
VEHICLE: Toyota Pickup
Super Clamps perform a Super Job!

Six lives were saved . . .

It was May 28, 2007 when me and my family of 6 were coming back from a church fishing trip at Hume lake. We got to the town of Dunlap when I decided to pass. I pulled out and proceeded to pass when a lady I was passing decided to make a left turn with no warning at all. There was no where to go; if I pulled more to the left I would fly off the mountain at 2000 feet, so I impacted with the other truck, but we still flew off the mountain and rolled 3 to 4 times. I honestly believe that if it was not for the grace of GOD and the rack that I purchased from U.S. RACK that was held on with Super Clamps the cab of my truck would have been crushed and me and my family would be dead!!!!!!

Many Thanks; Stephen Crane; Clovis, California

FROM: Stephen Ferguson
RACK TYPE: Atlas Heavy Duty Truck Rack
VEHICLE: 2012 Dodge 2500 Crew Cab
To: Chris
RE: My Atlas Truck Rack

Good Day Chris,
I wanted to write a quick letter to share my appreciation for you and your company. Earlier this year you fabricated, installed and then customized an Atlas rack for my 2012 Dodge 2500 Crew Cab. I wanted to say that during that process, all members of your staff were nothing short of spectacular. From the front office to the shop, and especially yourself, you all went above and beyond to ensure I received what I had envisioned. Our company interacts with hundreds and hundreds of different vendors during the course of doing business. Few, if any, have been as accommodating and helpful as you guys are. It was for this reason I wanted to inform you of my positive experience and appreciation. As you can see below, the rack has been put to use quite a bit. I am continually getting asked about it and have been quick to share my praises of your company as well as one of the business cards you gave me. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you!

Stephen Ferguson
Tim Messer Construction, Inc.
Messer Logging, Inc.

FROM: James
RACK TYPE: Paddlers Rack
VEHICLE: 2007 Toyota Tacoma
Paddling along with The Paddler's Rack.

Chris, thanks for a great product. I've had a kayak on the rack roughly 2000 miles this summer, most of it highway way speeds between western Pa. and Virginia. Back roads doing shuttles during the bateau festival in Virginia with two kayaks, a canoe and passenger in the bed of the truck . I have a 2007 Toyota Tacoma. I couldn't be happier.

Thank you and your staff;


RACK TYPE: Rail Rack
VEHICLE: Toyota Tacoma 4×4
So I was all stoked about my new Toyota Tacoma 4×4 and I headed out to look for racks to carry my stand-up paddleboards. Seemed like my only options were Thule or Yakima, but I was looking for something a little less yuppie. No doubt, the two giants of the sport rack industry are giants for a reason; they’ve gotten lots of stuff lots of places with minimal issues. But to me, their designs seemed a bit space age-y and bling-y.

I live in a blue-collar country town full of badass Tonka trucks and work trucks with headache racks and ladder racks, and I found myself wishing I could find a SUP rack that looked less Malibu and more Moab.

A deep internet search led me to U.S Rack.

Though this Madera, California-based company is small and family-owned, it “manufactures the largest variety of distinct pickup truck rack designs anywhere and leads the market with quality, innovative, multi-functional pickup racks that install quickly with NO DRILLING.”

I ordered the Rail Truck Rack which is designed specifically to work with the the Toyota Deck Rail System. I ordered online for $499.00 with free shipping, and it was on my doorstep less than 2 days later!

Assembly and installation took less than 30 minutes using the included Allen wrench, and I was ready to load my boards.

Aside from the matte-black powdercoated finish and bomb-proof design of the racks, I was most impressed with details like the tie-down cleats and tie-down holes in the upper “ears.” With my old Thule racks, I had to tie off my excess tie down straps in a half hitch around the crossbars. The U.S. Rack cleats provide a clean and secure way to deal with excess straps so everything isn’t blowing in the wind.

Though I don’t plan to take the racks off (they look good, military-esque on my rig), they can be removed in under 5 minutes by simply unscrewing them (by hand) from the deck rails and sliding them off.

Last week, my wife and I strapped on our paddleboards and put the racks to the ultimate test: 300 miles across the Mojave desert in extremely windy conditions and over the washboard roads of the Sierras to our favorite lake.

The boards didn’t move an inch. Neither did the racks.

Next project? We’re designing a tarp tent we can quickly fit over the racks in a storm.

If you’re looking for an American-made, bomb-proof, functional, easy-to-install truck rack system that ships for free, look no further than U.S. Rack.

FROM: Bill Watts
RACK TYPE: Motorcycle Rack
Motorcycle Transport

U.S. Rack Motorcycle racks makes it easy to transport your motorcycle.

Madras, OR - Bill Watts sent this photo of his beautiful Harley road bike in the back of his pickup. You can't tell from the side photo that his bike is being held securely by the U.S. Rack Motorcycle rack, but in the second picture you can see why Bill feels so comfortable when he carries this expensive bike several hundred miles in the back of his truck.

FROM: M. Hockley
RACK TYPE: 5th Wheel
VEHICLE: Dodge RAM 2500
I purchased a 5th wheel rack for my F150 last summer. the installation was easy given the detailed instructions. Unfortunately my F150 decided to retire. The rack did not fit my new Dodge 2500 Ram. One phone call was all it took - Chris and his fabricators have come up with a fairly simple modification so I don't have to replace the entire rack. You can not find this kind of customer service and care many places anymore. I have & will recommend US rack to anyone who shows an interest.

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U.S. Rack, Inc.
2365 Railroad Street
Corona, 92880
California • USA

phone: 1-951-271-3498
toll free: 1-800-287-5900
FAX: 1-951-270-5391
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U.S. Rack, Racks, Madera, CA

For our friends who will be transporting kayaks and canoes, U.S. Rack, in cooperation with, provides the below nationwide map of launch sites Map
Map courtesy of


    Adarac Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2010-A, From $549.00 delivered
    Atlas Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2012-1, From $1895.00 
    Avalanche Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2012-P, From $329.00 delivered
    Backstop Rack™
        Model Series: 2018-1, From $1245.00 
    Canoe Carriers
        Various Models
    Canopy Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2002-1, From $409.00 delivered
    Clipper Rack
        Model Series: 2013-2, From $799.00 delivered
    CrossTopper Rack
        Model Series: 2013-3, From $199.00 delivered
    Dual Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2009-3, From $599.00 delivered
    Extend-A-Truck' Rack 
        Model Series: 2008-E, From $149.00 delivered
    Fifth Wheel Heavy Duty Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2010-4, From $1699.00 + shipping
    Galleon Stake Pocket Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2011-3, From $849.00 delivered
    Grip Motorcycle Carrier
        Model Series: 2003-1, From $399.00 delivered
    Hawaiian Sawhorse Truck Rack 
        Model Series: 2003-3, From $299.00 delivered
    Honda Ridgeline Rack by Van Tech
        Model Series: 2014-P, From $749.00 delivered
    Job SIte Heavy Duty Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2015-1, From $1795.00 
    Kayak Carriers
        Various Models

    Kayak Trailer
        Model MPG400
    Paddler's Rack
        Model Series: 2010-1, From $529.00 delivered    
    Rail Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2007-2, From $599.00 delivered
    Rail Truck Rack 2
        Model Series: 2007-2, From $879.00 delivered
    Rambox Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2014-P, From $599.00 delivered
    Ratchet Straps
        Model 2006-RST
    Ridgeline Rack One
        Model Series: 2010-6, From $569.00 delivered
    Ridgeline Rack Two
        Model Series: 2010-7, From $589.00 delivered
    Ridgeline Rack Three
        Model Series: 2010-8, From $1049.00 delivered
    Ridgeline Rack Four
        Model 2012-2

    Ridgeline Rack Five
        Model 2017-1
    Ridgeline Rack Six
       Model 2018-2
    Saddle up Pro
        Model 2016-MSU

    Schooner Stake Pocket Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2011-2, From $649.00 delivered
    Sidewinder Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2007-4, From $409.00 delivered
    Stake Pocket Truck Rack 
        Model Series: 2005-3, From $599.00  delivered
    Super Clamps
        Model 2006-2
    Truck Cap Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2010-2, From $589.00 delivered
    Turbo Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2008-T, From $49.00 delivered
    Wildcatter Heavy Duty Truck Rack  
        Model Series: 2013-4, From $2095.00 
    Windstreamer Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2010-3, From $599.00 delivered
    Work Horse Truck Rack
        Model Series: 2015-3, From $1795.00 


     Bedliner Kit
        Model 2003-BK  
     Bow and Stern Tie-down Kit
        Model 2011-MPG
     Ratchet Straps
        Model 2006-RST
     Roof-Top Canoe Carrier Kit
        Model MPG-156
     Roof-Top Deluxe Kayak Carrier Kit
        Model MPG-152
     Saddle Up PRO
        Model 2016-MSU
     Super Clamps
        Model 2006-2
     The BIG FOOT PRO Canoe Carrier
        Model 2012-MPG
        Model 2006-CH
     The J-PRO 2 Kayak Carrier
        Model 2011-MJP
     The Seawing Kayak Carrier
        Model 2006-MSW
 Utility Bag
        Model 2006-UB
     Wall Hangers
        Model 2006-WH

Product Quick Links listed by Model Number
Model EX2
  Extend-A-Truck' Rack Hitch mounted Rack 
   Model MPG-15
        Malone Roof-Top Foam Canoe Kit

   Model MPG-152
        Malone Roof-Top Foam Kayak Kit
   Model MPG400
        Kayak Trailer
   Model 2002-1
Canopy Truck Rack
   Model 2003-1
        Grip Motorcycle Carrier
   Model 2003-3
        Hawaiian Sawhorse Truck Rack

   Model 2005-3
Stake Pocket Truck Rack
   Model 2006-CH
        Canoe Elevator
   Model 2006-MSW
        Malone Sea Wing Kayak Carrier
   Model 2006-RST
        Ratchet Straps (15 foot)
   Model 2006-UBR
        Red Storage/Utility Bag
   Model 2006-UBB
        Blue Storage/Utility Bag
   Model 2006-2
        Super Clamps
   Model 2007-2
        Rail Truck Rack
   Model 2007-2(X)
        Rail Truck Rack 2
   Model 2007-4
        Sidewinder Ratchet Ladder Rack
   Model 2008-TR
        Turbo Truck Rack
   Model 2009-BR
         BACKRACK™ and Safety Rack
   Model 2009-3
         Dual Truck Rack
   Model 2010-A
         Adarac Truck Rack
   Model 2010-1
         Paddler's Rack
   Model 2010-2
         Truck Cap Truck Rack
   Model 2010-3
         Windstreamer Truck Rack
   Model 2010-4
         Fifth Wheel Heavy Duty Truck Rack
   Model 2010-6
         Honda Ridgeline Truck Rack One, sport
   Model 2010-7
         Honda Ridgeline Truck Rack Two, Alum.
   Model 2010-8
         Honda Ridgeline Truck Rack Three, O/Cab
   Model 2011-MBL
         Malone Bow Line (separate)
   Model 2011-PJP2
         Malone J-Pro 2 Kayak Carrier
   Model 2011-2
         Schooner Stake Pocket Truck Rack
   Model 2011-3
         Galleon Over-Cab Truck Rack
   Model 2011-4
         V-Rack Bumper Mounted Truck Rack
   Model 2012-MPG
         Malone Big Foot Pro Canoe Carrier
   Model 2012-P
         Chevy Avalanche Truck Rack
   Model 2012-1
         Atlas HEAVY DUTY Truck Rack
   Model 2012-2
         Honda Ridgeline Truck Rack 4, Tailgate
   Model 2013-2
         Clipper Aluminum and Stainless Rack
   Model 2013-3
         CrossTopper Alum. Truck Topper Rack
   Model 2013-4
         Wildcatter COMMERCIAL GRADE Rack
   Model 2014-P3300
         Honda Ridgeline Truck Rack by Van Tech
   Model 2014-P3510
         Dodge Ram Box Truck Rack
   Model 2015-1
         Job-SIte Forklift Accessible Truck Rack
   Model 2015-3
         Heavy Duty Work Horse Truck Rack
   Model 2017-1
        Ridgeline Rack Five
   Model 2018-2
        Ridgeline Rack 6 

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Features Common To Most Of Our Truck Racks

  • Truck racks are easy to install or remove: In less than 10 minutes, one  person can install any rack. (Overhead Ladder rack may take 2 people).

  • No cutting or drilling is needed to install our truck racks: Reliable clamping systems secure each truck rack without drilling ugly holes in your truck bed rails. (The Overhead Ladder Rack may also be permanently mounted if drilling is preferred. Limited drilling required for Ladder and Canopy Racks.

  • Perfect, padded fit: Adjustable span design fits most trucks....rubbery pads protect truck bed rails. (Overhead Ladder rack is built to customer specifications).

  • Tough powder coat finish: Available in satin black.

  • Compact storage: All truck racks disassemble easily and stores compactly anywhere. (The Overhead Ladder Rack disassembles into 3 pieces, the upper basket and 2 sets of legs).

  • Warranty: U.S. Rack products are warranted for a full year. See warranty information.

  • Easily order by phone:
      U.S. and Canada: - 1.888.877.2257 ( 1.888.usracks )

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